Reviews are an important process for every church staff that wants to be effective. We do reviews for six reasons: 

  1. To check-in with our team.
  2. To provide constructive feedback about our work and ministry.
  3. To improve communication.
  4. To develop and grow our people.
  5. To strengthen our staff culture.
  6. To set goals for the future. 

At our church, we intentionally call them "reviews" as opposed to "performance evaluations." We recognize that at the end of the day, we are not in charge of the results. God is. It's our job to be faithful and to work with excellence, but we leave the results up to God. So, as a result, we do not give our team numerical goals for things like salvations and/or baptisms. Since we do not have the power to save someone, we aren't going to hold someone accountable for it on their review.

As I mention on the Systems page, we use Google Forms to complete our reviews. It's simple, easy to use, and it's free.

You can see a Sample Review that we do at our church with the button below:

Sample Review