What To Consider When Hiring

When hiring a new person for your team, I would encourage you to consider the Six Cs:

  • Calling: Is this person called to ministry? This is especially important if you are hiring a pastor or someone who will be leading a key ministry at your church.
  • Capacity: Does this person have the time and energy available to do what you are asking them to do?
  • Character: Who is this person when no one is looking?
  • Competency: Does this person have the skillset, passion, gifting, experience, and education necessary to be successful in that role?
  • Coachable: Is this person eager to learn, and are they coachable?
  • Chemistry: Does this person fit on the team?

You can make an argument for each one of these being the most important. However, in my experience, chemistry is king. I have worked with people who are called, have the capacity, have strong character, and are competent, but they were difficult to work with (the chemistry was off) and they didn't fit on the team. And, in 100% of those situations, it has led to them leaving for a different ministry opportunity.

So, my encouragement to you is to find someone that meets all five. But, definitely make sure you prioritize chemistry. Your number one asset is your people, so be sure to protect your team. And, the best way to do that is to prioritize chemistry in the hiring process.