Networking Is Valuable

When I was hired as an Executive Pastor at the beginning of 2018, the first thing I did was begin building a local network of other pastors who serve in similar roles (other Executive Pastors, Administrative Pastors, Campus Pastors, etc.). As long as they were overseeing and leading the administration and operations at their church, they were invited to the table. 

Years later, we now have a small group of men who meet monthly, pray for one another, share resources with one another, and help each other out with ministry related needs. This group has been a tremendous blessing, and I highly encourage you to build a local network wherever you live. Networking is valuable, and it will help you be better as you serve your church.

Here are some specifics about our group that have helped it be successful:

  1. We gather every month for lunch somewhere in our city. For us, it's the 2nd Wednesday of every month. By setting a recurring schedule like this, we make sure that our monthly meeting remains a priority.
  2. Sometimes, our time together is just an opportunity to enjoy godly fellowship with one another, and other times we are discussing serious challenges that we are facing at our churches. We are ok with both.
  3. We agreed to never sell things to each other (no bait and switch). Since there is no hidden motive or agenda, our friendships are genuine.
  4. We created a group chat in GroupMe so that we can easily communicate with one another if something comes up in between our monthly meetings.
  5. We laugh... a lot! With our group, we have been very intentional to protect the chemistry. And now, as a result, I can't wait each month to gather with these godly men.

Again, I believe there is great value in networking. And, I am confident that if you put in the time and effort to build the right network for yourself, you will see the value as well.