Why XPMinistry?

If you have ever served on staff at a local church, then you are well aware of the administrative side of ministry. The reality is, when administration is done well, everything benefits. Ministries run smoothly, missions are effective and efficient, budgets are clean and organized, policies are clear and easy to follow, systems work how they should, and so on. However, when administration is not done well, it really hurts the church. Administration is important, and that is why more and more churches are starting to see the value of having an XP (Executive Pastor) on their team.

In the Summer of 2020, XPMinistry was created when God gave me a desire to help other Executive Pastors and other local churches be excellent with the administrative side of ministry. Since I currently serve as the Executive Pastor at my church, I knew that this could be a way that I could contribute to God's Kingdom, and a simple way for me to bless others who oversee administration, operations, and the staff at their church.

By sharing what I have learned and by giving away my resources for free, I hope and pray that XPMinistry is valuable to you, your ministry, and your church.